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Bournville College, UK, and, Brainware Global Education Services, offer course on Communicative English & Employability Skill, spanning 100 hours

Course on Communicative English and Employability Skills

Course Material, Faculty Training, Examination, Certification by Bournville College, UK Special Offer: World class Interactive CD on English Learning

Course Duration: 100 hours (divided in 24 weeks)


& Students of other streams interested to enhance their English communicative prowess

Course Location:

Brainware Integrated Campus, Barasat

398, Ramkrishnapur Road, Barasat, Kolkata 700124
Near Jagadighata Market

Brainware House, Salt Lake

Plot Y8, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata -700091, India
& Select Brainware Centres in Kolkata and the Districts

Course Outline

Business English
Preparing for Employment
Communication Skills
Professional Behaviour
Etiquettes and Grooming

New faculty member joining in the odd semester, 2013

New faculty member joining in the odd semester, 2013
CE- 1 Professor, 2 Assistant Professors
EE- 1 Professor, 7 Assistant Professors
ECE- 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, 3 Assistant Professors
ME- 4 Assistant Professors
CSE, IT, MCA- 4 Assistant Professors