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Best Govt Jobs For Engineers

What comes into your mind, the moment we mention the word engineering jobs? Many people would say IT ( Information Technology). Some people would say – construction services. A select few would mention mechanical designing .


But did you know that your engineering degree can also help you land some of the most coveted government jobs? So without a delay we present some of the most respectable jobs that you can have a shot at  after your engineering degree.


Indian Engineering Services ( IES) : This is by a far margin one of the most coveted govt jobs for engineering graduates. Candidates need to go through the Engineering Services Examination  in order to be considered eligible for this competitive post. Officers recruited via ESE are appointed in various roles in govt organizations such as Center of Public Works Dept, Indian Navy etc.


NTPC : The NTPC  or National Thermal Power Corporation – this is one of the topmost public sector companies. This is India’s largest thermal power company.  In order to be recruited at NTPC you have to pass the entrance exam – GATE  or Graduate Aptitude Test with flying colours.


National Banks : Other than appearing for banking personnel exams, you can also apply for IT roles and specialist officer services.


So long as any organization be it private or public, so long as any firm or organization needs technologically sound people that have a problem solving bent of mind, engineering graduates will always be needed.







Which Engineering Course Is Best For You?

Mechanical? Electrical? Civil? Or Computer Science?

These are the common questions which plague the average science student who is contemplating engineering as graduation after plus 2. So your 12th exams are over and you are wondering which Engineering Course to go in for.

The time after 12th is one of the most crucial stages of your life – and choosing the courses on which you will graduate will probably be one of the most important/crucial decisions you will ever make.  If you make a wrong decision here it might affect your life, a lot.

So based on your goal, your aspirations and of course your aptitude, you will have to select the engineering course, best suited for you.


Civil Engineering : This type of engineering is a perfect fit for you, if you have a penchant for building structures, dream of highways, skyscrapers etc in your spare time.  If you take up civil you will be able to specialize in architectural engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering etc.


Computer Engineering : Do you fancy yourself as a tech geek? Do the very thought of figuring out how computers, mobile and other electrical equipments function turn you on? If yes then computer science engineering is the best specialization for you. With CS specialization you can venture out into the IT industry easily!!


Electrical Engineering : Do you love figuring out how electrictrical devices work? Are you chockful of ideas as to how you can improve electricity generation? Then EE or electrical engineering is the perfect course for you. if you want to eke out a career in power generation and supply,


Mechanical Engineering : Fascinated about how machines function? Then mechanical engineering which is basically the science of designing, maintaining and manufacturing machines. You can look forward to specialize in exciting streams such as aeronautical engineering and artificial intelligence.

How To Engineer A Good Engineering Resume

The first step towards having a successful career is to build a competent resume. A resume is more than a document, more than a piece of paper – it’s is a summary of your life achievements and a summary of everything you have accomplished till date.  So if you have a poorly crafted CV this can be a major obstacle to your career.


Like all other professions, the engineering profession also needs a clear cut resume. An engineer should always have  a current and updated resume complete with technical skills, certifications and work experience or internships.


Keep It Simple : One big mistake many engineers commit, is to involve numerous technical jargons in their CV. Resumes should always be written in a simple easy to understand language. The recruiters or the human resource department going through your CV is likely from non tech background and overloading your resume with obscure jargons will lead your CV to be tossed away.


Keep it Updated : This one’s a no brainer. Your CV should be kept up to date with all your recent certificates, internships, projects work experience etc.


Don’t Ignore Chronology : It’s best not to be too inventive with the CV format, keep it simple and symmetrical and list all your achievements and curriculars from recent to not so recent.



Use Bullet points : Bullet points are a favourite of recruiters. Usage of bullet points help recruiters to observe your accomplishments easily.

Five Ways Through Which You Can Make Your IT Career Take Off

IT is a common field today. Especially in India where hundreds of IT graduates pass out of engineering colleges, you need to go an extra mile in order to set yourself apart from the hordes of IT engineers. As the IT field has so many bright, dynamic engineers, you have to work towards creating a unique profile for yourself to set you apart from others. Here’s how you can create a unique profile :


Brush Up Your Computer Fundamentals : Learn as much as you can about programming languages, data structures and algorithms. One major complaint many tech firms has of quite a few CS graduates that they don’t have a good grasp over the basics of their discipline. Unless you want to embarrass yourself before the interview board later on, brush up your basics as much as possible.


Usability : Focus on how to make technology more accessible to common people Develope your skills in areas such as User Friendly Design or User Centered Design, and Human Computer Interaction.


Polish Presentation Skills : The more you can polish your communication skills or presentation skills, the better off you will be in your IT career. The more lucidly you can explain tech concepts to non tech people, the better you will be valued as an employee in IT. Most fresh graduates get absorbed in abstract technical terms and confuse non tech co workers. So you have to prepare in advance no how to explain/present tech concepts/subjects as easily as possible.


Economics & Basics of Markets : Yes you read that right. One of the ultimate aim of an engineer is to create products that are cost effective, economically viable and have some basic market demand. So having some knowledge of economics is extremely beneficial.