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Best Certificate Courses For BCom Graduate :

Competition in the professional market is more fierce than ever before, as there are so few jobs and so many applicants. So unless you have a few certifications to boost up your CV, having just a BCom can limit your job opportunities.


However with some good professional certifications, you can beef up your application and turn you into a competitive applicant .


  • Chartered Accountant : Without doubt, this is one of the best certifications one can have with a BCom degree. CA’s are often considered as the backbone of finance organization or the finance deptt of any organization. They audit financial reports, offer financial advice and also keep financial records of firms up to date. Depending on your aptitude and dedication it can take anything from 4-5 years to complete this certification.
  • Certified Management Accountant : Chartered Management accountants require both management skills as well as accounting skills. CMA’s help the management of a firm take vital financial decisions like budgeting. CMA’ help firms make well informed financial decisions..
  • ACCA : ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This is basically a UK based qualification and you can become eligible for several MNCs. With the ACCA degree you can work in several diverse fields like law, taxation, auditing, consulting etc.

MBA : This hardly needs to be described much. This is one of the most popular grad course for BCom students. The MBA is a versatile degree in the sense that it involves a bit of everything. It essentially teaches you to become a manager. MBA involves finance, human resources, marketing etc.

Failed First Sem? Read On!


So you failed your first semester. Not in one module, or the whole lot of them. Some of your friends did really well, some voted their performance as ‘’meh’’ some barely managed to pass. But you have gone up and royally screwed everything. You are at a loss right now. Part of you feels heartbroken, part of you shrivels with shame. However getting very poor or failing grades actually isn’t the end of life and you can improve ( with a bit of effort) Want to know how? Read on!


Treat it as a Blessing in Disguise : Poor or failing grades is a good wake up call. It shows you where you have went wrong. This means a time for self introspection, for a quick visit to the teacher’s office and to change your study habits. You don’t want a repeat do you?


Be Positive : Getting poor grades is always a blow to self esteem. Especially if your classmates have better grades and are rightfully celebrating. It can be a real dampener! But buck up and accept you have messed up and treat it as a learning curve.


Contact the Profs : If you had low marks or failing grades in many papers , don’t waste time – straight contact the profs and ask them to guide you, show you where you went wrong.
Change Your Priorities : If you had spent too much time partying, socializing or other non academic pursuits, time to change! Remember once you succeed getting better grades you can party as much as you like!

How To Score Good Marks in MAKAUT :

If you are a prospective student of  MAKAUT ( Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology ) or a current student enrolled in a college under MAKAUT, then this post is for you.


Scoring good marks in MAKAUT affiliated while not easy ( college is never easy!) , it’s not difficult either. With some strategy, dedication, perseverance you will get that 8 or even 9 point GPA. Read on below to discover the secrets of getting a high GPA at your college!


  • Attend the classes : Seriously. Attending lectures everyday will give you the perfect material from where you can prepare for semester tests. Profs often gives hints as to what you can expect in your semester exams as well as your finals. You don’t want to miss those, do you? Besides, attendance can actually influence your final GPA.
  • Take Lab Work & Sem Exams seriously : These will actually influence your final grade a great deal. Remember your lab work and practicals do count towards the final grade.
  • O for Organizer : The Organizer should be your bible and the basic textbook – as most WBUT questions come from it. However if you truly are keen on getting a high GPA and excelling – do not solely rely on Organizer. Follow reference books and class notes as well.  
  • Write your exam from the examiner’s perspective ; Let’s put it this way, if you are gunning for more marks ( as you should) you should make the examiner’s life less hectic. Write your paper neatly, with as little spelling mistakes as possible, and highlight key concepts, with a different colour pen.
  • Consult past years question paper to detect pattern : Self explanatory title.


Getting good marks in college has less to do with luck and aptitude and more to do with dedication and perseverance. So if you have a good study plan and study regularly without slacking, you will get good grades.