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Top Skills Recruiters Expect To See In Mechanical Engineering Graduates

The most important thing when you are a BTech fresher  is to get placed as soon as possible. In today’s competitive world, a mere degree guarantees nothing at all. Since there are many graduates  vying for a limited number of jobs,  the recruiters have become even more selective than ever before. They look for some specific skill sets before granting  placements . Here we are listing a few :


Academic Performance/GPA : There’s no two ways about it people. Your GPA or aggregate over semesters is one of the most reliable metric the company will use to discern whether or not you have the discipline, the aptitude, the discipline to be employed at a firm. A poor GPA reflects lack of discipline, laziness and even ineptness.


Leadership acumen : Since most engineering graduates later shift to management roles, one must have ideally shown leadership acumen such as leading in student unions, founded a society etc. Such extra curriculars where you have demonstrated leadership potential show you as a well rounded person.


Interested in Latest Tech Developments : As an engineer you are expected to have uptodate knowledge of the latest developments in your field. In fact in your placement interviews you will explicitly be asked about the latest tech developments in your field or related fields.


Additional Tech skills : You should be adept in some CAD languages such as Pro -e, Catia, Hypermesh etc.


How to Excel at ECE ( Electronics & Communication Engineering)


P for Programming : Yes you read that right. Programming. Many ECE students often complain that programming is for CS ( Computer Science) students and ‘’not really’’ their domain. But it would actually be prudent for you not to ignore programming altogether. Most of the technical jobs and projects today usually involve a heavy programming aspect. Moreover you can actually complete everyday tasks like data cleansing and integration much faster. Moreover it makes you more creative as well! So you should focus on learning good coding and not just something that works.


Don’t Ignore Basics : Yes! Ignoring basics or the fundamentals of your discipline can cost you dearly. Most subjects, especially quant based subjects are heavily dependant on how strong your fundamentals are. So no matter in what stage of studies you are in, never neglect to brush the basics. For example some of you might ignore basic analog and network theory concepts if you view electronics as just a discipline that helps in ‘’creating gadgets’’. In order to truly excel at your courses, do not just limit to mastering the basics, also focus on how to apply them in the real world as well. Keep yourself well versed in basic languages such as C/C++ as well as advanced coding languages such as Python.


Don’t Waste Holidays : We are not saying that you should not have fun. But do use the holidays judiciously to further your career by adding some meaningful internships to your resume. Try to include at least one internship at an academic research lab and one internship as corporate engineering intern. This way you would be adding both practical experience as well as research experience in your kitty!


Be A Member of a Technical Club : Or better still start a technical club! This is an excellent extracurricular activity through which you will be gaining the necessary leadership activities and also have the scope to innovate in exciting projects through which you can learn creative applications of the theories you have learnt at classroom.


Happy engineering!!