Best Certificate Courses For BCom Graduate :

Competition in the professional market is more fierce than ever before, as there are so few jobs and so many applicants. So unless you have a few certifications to boost up your CV, having just a BCom can limit your job opportunities.


However with some good professional certifications, you can beef up your application and turn you into a competitive applicant .


  • Chartered Accountant : Without doubt, this is one of the best certifications one can have with a BCom degree. CA’s are often considered as the backbone of finance organization or the finance deptt of any organization. They audit financial reports, offer financial advice and also keep financial records of firms up to date. Depending on your aptitude and dedication it can take anything from 4-5 years to complete this certification.
  • Certified Management Accountant : Chartered Management accountants require both management skills as well as accounting skills. CMA’s help the management of a firm take vital financial decisions like budgeting. CMA’ help firms make well informed financial decisions..
  • ACCA : ACCA stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. This is basically a UK based qualification and you can become eligible for several MNCs. With the ACCA degree you can work in several diverse fields like law, taxation, auditing, consulting etc.

MBA : This hardly needs to be described much. This is one of the most popular grad course for BCom students. The MBA is a versatile degree in the sense that it involves a bit of everything. It essentially teaches you to become a manager. MBA involves finance, human resources, marketing etc.

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