5 Reasons Why Mechanical Engineering Totally Rocks As a Major!

Feel curious about what makes machines tick, what makes cars zoom etc.? Then Mechanical engineering might just be the course for you!


Known as one of the oldest and most versatile branch of engineering Mechanical Engineering is a unique discipline that comprises of various subjects such as mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, electricity etc. Mechanical Engineers use tools such as computer aided design ( CAD), and product life cycle management to design, repair and analyses machinery, industrial equipment, transport systems, robotics medical equipment designing etc.


So if you are someone who is curious about what makes various machines function then you should totally go for a BTech in Mechanical Engineering. Read on to find below what makes Mech Engineering a rocking major!


Great Job Prospects: According to IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation) the automobile industry ( one of the major employers of  Mech engineers) accounts for almost 7.1% of the GDP ( Gross Domestic Product) . The IBEF predicts that the automobile industry is estimated to grow at around 10-15% to reach US $ 16.5 Billion by 2021. So it is inevitable that the demand for competent mechanical engineers will be high. After your graduation in Mechanical Engineering you can look forward to work in PSUs  like DRDO, GAIL India, ONGC Ltd, BHEL, NALCO etc.


Basically every industry that involves usage of mechanical equipment ranging from aircraft to mining equipment and household gadgets will need a mechanical engineer to design and repair the machines. Even companies that are not known for mechanical devices like beauty and health product company Proctor and Gamble hire mechanical engineers for packaging and product designing purposes.


Be at the forefront of technological future: Mechanical engineering being one of the oldest and most inclusive branches of engineering can often be found in the list of engineering disciplines contributing to technological revolution in numerous industries such as robotics, healthcare, construction, transport etc.


Ability to Be Creative; Mechanical Engineering is not just science but an art. With the help of thermodynamics mechanical engineers knows the secret of how every machine from the flying helicopter to the air conditioner at home functions and can create, design and repair various mechanical equipment’s effectively in no time.


Versatile Job Prospects: A degree in mechanical engineering can prepare you for jobs in numerous industries including aerospace industry, automotive sector, chemical industry, construction industry, defense industry, electronics industry, FMCG  industry etc. In the aerospace industry, mechanical engineers are hired to research, design, maintain and operate aircraft. In the automotive sector, Mech engineers are recruited to design and manufacture motor vehicles. In the chemical mechanical engineers are often needed by plants and oil companies to develop new process technologies.


In the construction industry mechanical engineers are required to design ventilation systems of houses and buildings. In the electronic and defense industry, mechanical engineers are needed to design and maintain machine parts for the military and other sectors like medicine and automotive. In the FMCG industry many household cleaning and maintenance equipment’s and food processing equipment’s are design and maintained by mechanical engineers.


Apart from this mechanical engineers can also look forward to be hired by the railway sector to construct, design, maintain rail system components like tracks and trains as well as train control systems. After you graduate you can choose to specialize professionally in manufacturing (Production and Research and Development), designing, piping, automobile etc. That’s a lot of job opportunities to look forward to!


Generous Salary Prospects: According to websites such as PayScale,com, fresher Mechanical Engineering graduates start with about a 3.35 lakhs per annum. With enough industry experience and skills such as C++, ANSYS, ANSYS Simulation Software, PMP or Project Management, Mech engineers can look forward to earning as high as 9-12 lakhs per annum!



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