How To Be Industry Ready

Nowadays – a mere Graduation cannot guarantee you a decent placement, which is why many decent engineering colleges all over India – are focusing not just on academic performance of their students but also striving to make them more ready for industry.


What does the term ‘’industry ready’’ signify? It just means that the student has prepared themselves to meet the current  employment/hiring standards of the target industry. Being industry ready certainly has a lot of benefits – it does make you a lot more employable than say a peer – who might have book smarts – but has little to zero practical knowledge, or doesnt have the current skills.


Employers Are Not Just Looking For Book Smarts : Got a good GPA? Congratulations! By the way that 8 point something GPA won’t guarantee a job! Most of the firms keep the GPA only as a basic criteria/filter. Having a good aggregate can help you get a foothold – an interview, but if you want a job offer, you have to display some top notch skills relevant to the employers you are aiming.
Not Being Industry Ready Increases Risk of Joblessness : Especially if you are an engineering graduate, being updated with the latest tech developments can actually help you bag a decent offer – as said before, employers are looking for engineers with latest skills – technical as well as problem solving skills. This is why many talented young engineers who are out of touch with the latest technical developments struggle to find a job!.  


Being Industry ready Increases Chances of Promotion : Did you know that constantly upgrading yourself and keeping up with the industrial trends actually increases chances of promotion?

At Brainware University , we prioritize boosting employability of our students by making them industry ready through strategic industrial internships, soft skill development, pre placement training etc.


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