Career after BSc in Computer Science :

BSc or a Bachelor in Science in STEM subjects ( Statistics, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) is a popular post secondary/hons/major subject for those who had Science in class 12th. In general, students who are more interested in staying at academic sector choose the BSc route over BTech as the former is a more academics/theory oriented and the latter is more technical course.  Bsc is a 3 year undergraduate course, unlike BTech which is a 4 year course.


Generally despite being similar in many aspects, the BTech and BSc courses have some fundamental differences. First of all, Bsc is more theoretical, though it covers topics such as computer application, hardware, it generally won’t teach you coding – something which you need good knowledge about if you are eyeing the IT industry. Whereas in BTech covers all aspects of computer science but along with this, you will also be given training in algorithms, coding and several programming languages.


However if you are keen on staying mostly in the academic sector then a BSc in Computer Science will be a perfect fit. Here we will discuss a few career prospects for those who have completed or pursuing BSc in Computer Science (Hons)


Career Opportunities : A CS or Computer Science degree basically enables you to work in the IT industry . The IT or Information Technology is one of the major sectors of India and is also one of the biggest employers. So people with degrees in Computer Science are eligible for a lot of lucrative jobs for the IT and allied industry in various roles such as networking, coding, hacking etc. We will discuss some of the career opportunities for BSc in CS degree holders.


Software Development : One of the main career development course of CS people is software development. CS graduates are often hired by mass recruiters, to develop software. Popularity of a software depends on how user friendly it is – how easily the viewer can comprehend the dynamics of the software. In order to get a job in software development you must have command on several programming languages such as Java, C, C+, Python, Perl etc.


Software Testing : Software testers basically work towards improving the overall quality of software apps. To be a good software tester you need to have in depth knowledge about the entire life cycle of a software product from inception to coding and designing. You also need to gain knowledge over tools like QTP, Loadrunner etc. Moreover some firms will also prefer that their software testers be certified in several certifications like QAI, ISQTB  etc.


Information Security Professional : According to current reports this sector is slated to grow by 120 billion by 2018. So a career in information security can be very rewarding to CS professionals. In order to be an information security professional you need to have certifications like Certified ethical Hacking, CompTIA Security etc. You can also go in for certifications like Certified Information Systems Security Professional to boost your resume.


Systems Designer and Analyst : As the name suggests, systems designers are basically concerned with designing and creating a safe network system. Systems analyst on other hand find out the faults in the current network system and recommend/arrange for appropriate software.


Networking Engineer : This basically involves identifying and curing troubleshooting problems of computers.


ISRO Internship : This is a particularly lucrative prospect for BSc or Bachelor in Science Holders. The ISRO stands for ( Indian space Research Organization) . In order to get you have to maintain a certain GPA . Also check their website for further notifications.


DRDO – This stands for Defence Research and Development Organization. This organization designs, tests and assesses various softwares, devices, subsystems used for defence of nation. Every year they recruit scientists from B to H level at different pay scales.


So as you can see, BSc in Computer Science is a lucrative field that has good career prospects both in government as well as private sector. So if you are looking for an affordable BSc in Computer Science course in West Bengal, Brainware University, Kolkata can be a great option for you. Located in Barasat, Brainware University currently offers BSc and Msc (Hons) in Computer Science. Special features of this course includes international certifications  in Microsoft, Redhat and Oracle, pre placement training – providing much needed soft skills/communication skills for engineers as well as practical workshops on all aspects of your discipline such as database administration, OCP/OCA, Java SE 7 etc.


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