Failed First Sem? Read On!


So you failed your first semester. Not in one module, or the whole lot of them. Some of your friends did really well, some voted their performance as ‘’meh’’ some barely managed to pass. But you have gone up and royally screwed everything. You are at a loss right now. Part of you feels heartbroken, part of you shrivels with shame. However getting very poor or failing grades actually isn’t the end of life and you can improve ( with a bit of effort) Want to know how? Read on!


Treat it as a Blessing in Disguise : Poor or failing grades is a good wake up call. It shows you where you have went wrong. This means a time for self introspection, for a quick visit to the teacher’s office and to change your study habits. You don’t want a repeat do you?


Be Positive : Getting poor grades is always a blow to self esteem. Especially if your classmates have better grades and are rightfully celebrating. It can be a real dampener! But buck up and accept you have messed up and treat it as a learning curve.


Contact the Profs : If you had low marks or failing grades in many papers , don’t waste time – straight contact the profs and ask them to guide you, show you where you went wrong.
Change Your Priorities : If you had spent too much time partying, socializing or other non academic pursuits, time to change! Remember once you succeed getting better grades you can party as much as you like!

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