How To Clear Backlogs, Easily :

What is the bane of an average engineering student?


In engineering terms, backlog is simply an unfulfilled or incomplete project/paper, or even failed courses that had not been cleared. Backlogs as stated before can be really frustrating and demoralizing for engg students, for several reasons – backlogs do look quite ugly on a transcript. It symbolizes modules which the student had withdrawn from, and might also create complications during placements – as backlogs signify immaturity.

So today we will be sharing a few tips on how to bounce back from a backlog :

Prioritize : Now that you have ended up with backlogs, you know which papers/modules are troublesome. Time to prioritize these modules over everything else.

Consult Friends : If you have friends or classmates who have cleared these modules with good marks, then consult them – they will be able to teach you better and help you clear your concepts.

Utilize Office Hour : A good way to clear backlogs and also ace these papers will be to directly contact the professors in whose papers you got a backlog in. They will suggest you how to handle coursework better, and how even to get better marks. The profs will be the ones that check your papers, so getting their advice will be a good thing to do.

Consult Previous Years Question Papers : This will be a good way to trace patterns and you will be able to gauge what type of questions can be asked of you.

Believe it or not, at end of the day, backlogs are in themselves not impediments to your ultimate success. It only signifies where you went wrong, and how you can improve.


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