How To Engineer A Good Engineering Resume

The first step towards having a successful career is to build a competent resume. A resume is more than a document, more than a piece of paper – it’s is a summary of your life achievements and a summary of everything you have accomplished till date.  So if you have a poorly crafted CV this can be a major obstacle to your career.


Like all other professions, the engineering profession also needs a clear cut resume. An engineer should always have  a current and updated resume complete with technical skills, certifications and work experience or internships.


Keep It Simple : One big mistake many engineers commit, is to involve numerous technical jargons in their CV. Resumes should always be written in a simple easy to understand language. The recruiters or the human resource department going through your CV is likely from non tech background and overloading your resume with obscure jargons will lead your CV to be tossed away.


Keep it Updated : This one’s a no brainer. Your CV should be kept up to date with all your recent certificates, internships, projects work experience etc.


Don’t Ignore Chronology : It’s best not to be too inventive with the CV format, keep it simple and symmetrical and list all your achievements and curriculars from recent to not so recent.



Use Bullet points : Bullet points are a favourite of recruiters. Usage of bullet points help recruiters to observe your accomplishments easily.

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