How to Master Basics of Electrical Engineering

Want to study Electrical Engineering? Then these are the courses you should pay extra focus on!


Proficiency in mathematics : All said and done, engineering is a hardcore STEM subject, and some basic level of proficiency in maths is expected. Let’s put it this way – if you struggle at integration chapters – you will be in a soup when you are introduced to transform calculus( Fourier and laplace Transform) – in turn you will also struggle with circuit theory, control systems and signal processing. If you are not adept at linear algebra, you will be at a complete loss at papers like power system analysis, state space model etc. So polish your maths basics everyday.


P for Physics : That’s right! Even if you have no intention to major in Physics, in fact despise Physics to the bone – still you have to put an effort in clearing your Physics basics! Having a good understanding of Physics theories is necessary if you want to excel at electron devices. If you are an ECE student ( electronics & communications engg) you are expected to have a deep understanding of concepts such as Maxwell’s Equations – a Physics concept. In order to understand electrical mechanics you need to have a form grasp on topics like Rotational Mechanics and Electromagnetics.


Basics of CS : Even though you need not have mastery in CS – do learn how to code. EE graduates who have good knowledge about programming languages like MATLAB  simulations and SPICE simulations are very likely to get better paying jobs.


So now that you know how important brushing up your Math basics is, hit the Maths book ASAP!!  

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