Top 4 Must Have Technical Skills For Mechanical Engineers

The job market today is skill oriented. And if you are an engineer, the amount of core skills you have becomes directly proportional to your employability. Whether you are a computer engineer, an electrical engineer or a mechanical engineer, what industry related skills you have, how much knowledge you possess about core engineering concepts will be the ultimate criteria in getting a job.


So if you are a mechanical engineering graduate and just begin the hunting for jobs, then you have to start polishing your core skills from day one. In this essay we will underline some major skills, and core knowledge prospective employers expect from mechanical engineers.


Solid Core Knowledge : This is a no gamer. Every engineer regardless of their branch, is expected to have core knowledge in their subject. If your engineering basics are weak, then finding success in your career will be extremely difficult.

As a mechanical engineer you are expected to have a good to excellent knowledge in core areas such as free hand 3D drawing/machine drawing ,  on material science Рstrength/properties of different engineering materials, thermodynamics and HMT Рlearn about heat, work, energy, heat transfer etc,

You are also expected to have knowledge regarding theory of machines, fluid mechanics – properties of fluid in static or dynamic condition etc.


Knowledge in Programming & Electronic Circuits : Contrary to what you have believe till date, programming is not just for the computer/software engineers. Mechanical engineers also do need some basic knowledge of programming. Especially if they are working at a field which involves installing control systems.

For example if a mechanical engineer is designing an automobile system, knowledge/expertise on programming languages like MATLAB, will save him wastage of resources and funds. Programming languages like MATLAB and SimuLink help mechanical engineers test out their equations on automobile prototypes with ease.

Nowadays knowledge of programming languages such as MATLAB, Computer Aided Design ( CAD) , MATHEMATICA, Python, will set you apart from your peers in eyes of prospective recruiter.


Project management : Mechanical engineers should also master project management – the art of managing a project from inception to completion. They should ensure that the designs they have come up with can be successfully incorporated into the mechanical system requirements. By learning project management, mechanical engineer will be able to think holistically about their projects – budgeting, negotiation with vendors, designing for reliability and so on.


Get Adept at PLM Skills : Nowadays more and more firms are expecting their mechanical engineering candidates to be skilled at PLM or Product Lifecycle Management.. Being skilled at PLM software such as ENOVIA, Windchill etc.

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