Top Reasons to study ECE

ECE or Electronics and Communication is one of the best post higher secondary subjects for graduation .


We are living in an increasingly digitized world. In an IT or Information Technology dominated industry, where technology has become the mainstay for the majority of the modern businesses, the need for competent engineering professionals is acute. Since technology runs on electricity and like every aspect of modern life, present day businesses also need stable electronic system to function daily – the need for efficient electrical and electronic engineers is here to stay.


Electronics and Communication Engineering constitute of one of the most lucrative subjects in engineering field after Computer Science/Engineering. This is because ECE is a versatile discipline and enables you to work in a diverse range of jobs in various sectors. The duties of an ECE graduates are wide and diverse range of duties like  facilitation of transmission of information across various channels like optical fiber, radio link, designing equipment such as routers, switchers, fiber optics etc, setting up networks and equipment, maintenance of electronic systems/gears etc. Thus they are often in huge demand in electronics and software companies.


Below we are citing some reasons as to why electronics and communications engineering is geared to be one of the hottest subjects that can become a launch pad to get your foot into many a lucrative jobs


Great starting pay : Wherever there is need for electrical equipment there will be a need for competent electronics engineers. ECE engineers can get hired by electronics industry for R&D ( Research and Development ) roles as well as in other sectors like defense, education, entertainment – wherever usage of electronics and technology is required. According to sites such as, fresher ECE salary on average can range from 3.5-5 lakhs per annum depending on credentials, abilities etc. ECE graduates are often hired by top notch MNCs like Samsung, Nokia, TCS, Cognizant, top public companies like BSNL etc


Versatility : The nature of ECE ; One of the main advantages of ECE graduates that they are equally comfortable in software and hardware roles. Moreover once you have mastered electronics then you are able to work in a diverse range of sectors. For example if you involve electronics in medical Рyou can venture into biomedical sector, involve electronics with computer then you can delve into computer architecture, electronics with industrial automatons  results in robotics, electronics with mechanical- mechatronics etc. When you combine electronics and communication with computer and IT you get IOT (Internet of Things) , cellphones, home automation system etc.


Opportunity to work with ISRO – The Indian Space Research Organization recruits mainly fresh ECE graduates as trainees and associates .


If you want a university who provides a first class BTech course in Electronics & Communication Engineering then you can consider the Btech in Electronics & Communication Engineering course offered by Brainware. Unique features of this course include opportunities to obtain international certifications, hands on practical training via state of the art labs and a pre placement team that trains the students in soft skills so that they become perfect professionals with optimum technical and communication skills.



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