Top Tech/IT Interview Questions Part II :


Part one of this post :


What Source Control Do You Use? Source control is an important tool for IT engineers as they help in preserving application source files, so that they can be retrieved easily when needed.Source control tracks often change over time, so they need to be preserved- so brush up your knowledge about Source Control Tools such as Repository – location where source files are stored in, this is like a database, Changelog or Changeset – a software which takes note of every check in made, etc. However even here, cite only the source control tools you have used and know thoroughly.


How important is it to work directly with clients? : This question is often asked to engineers in order to ascertain whether or not they will be able to meet the client needs. Most engineers are very technology oriented and often neglect other aspects. Engineers often ignore aspects of a business like client needs, budgeting etc. An efficient engineer is one which can create products according to the needs of the client.


What is your favourite project? : Answer this question carefully. You might cite a project which is a personal favourite, but it will serve to be more astute/sensible to cite projects which are related to the job you have applied for. If possible cite projects which have garnered positive reviews.


How do you ensure quality on your deliverables? This question is asked to gain a view of your skills in quality control and assurance. Generally if you are vying for a managerial position this question will be asked. Get ready to provide insights on quality assurance like regular inspection of the production process, internal auditing, periodical monitoring etc.


Which do you recommend on premises or cloud based computing? : Both are different methods of computing and have their own advantages and disadvantages. On premises computing software is installed on a company’s computers and servers, whereas cloud computing has to be accessed online from the servers of cloud venders.

One pro of cloud computing is that they reduce internal IT costs, whereas one advantage of on premise software is that they provide greater security. Cloud computing also has low entry level costs whereas in premise software has a one time installation payment process.


In conclusion, being well informed about the prospective employer’s technical niche, about the demands of the position you are applying for, will go a long way in passing tech interviews with flying colours…


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