What After BCA? Find Out!!

Nowadays, a bachelor degree is just the first step towards a professional career. Though having a degree makes you eligible for a great many jobs – especially those which is connected to industry demands a certain degree or an academic qualification, just a degree by itself doesnt make one more employable. One has to pad up one’s degree by an allied Master’s degree, or relevant diplomas and certificates. This is because here in India, the society is churning out thousands of graduate – most of which look identical on pen and paper. To most employers one CV looks no different from the other and you have to do something to distinguish yourself.


Today we will speak about some certifications you can pursue along with one Bachelor’s, known as BCA. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. BCA is a 3 year undergraduate professional degree which helps one to be skilled in computer application techniques. It includes subjects like data structure, database, core programming languages etc.  Once you complete this degree you are eligible for jobs such as Associate Technical Support Engineer, QA Internship, Software Development  etc. However just a BCA will not fetch you a job as you have to distinguish yourself from thousand other BCA graduates. Here are some certificate courses which you can pursue along with your graduation, which can make you more job ready, equip you with higher knowledge of your domain, enable you to seek out a specialization and make your more employable –


For Software Development Career : If you want to follow the professional trajectory of a software developer, then brushing up programming languages is a good choice.  Web Development has become a lucrative choice for many in tech field. For this you have to learn or brush up language like JavaScript, AngularJS for front end web development and  NodeJS, ExpressJS, Cloud for backend development. You can also get mean stack developer. You can pursue Java related courses like Oracle Certified Associate Java Programmer, Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer and Oracle Certified Professional Web Component


Software Testing : BCA holders can also opt for certificates such as International Software Testing Qualifications Board.


Data Scientist : This is one of the best career option for those with STEM related majors. If you have an aptitude for Data. a knack for spotting details, then Data Scientist can be an amazing career option for you. Oft described as one of the hotshot jobs of the 20th century, data scientists analyse huge amounts of data  to gather business intelligence in order to get their firms a competitive edge. In order to qualify as a data scientist, you need to gather a deep knowledge about statistics, predictive modelling, algorithms, Python, Text Mining etc.


MCA or Masters in Computer Applications : This is a natural progression from BCA. A masters in the same field will enable you to gain more knowledge and also give you an opportunity to specialize in a particular field you want to.


If you are a +2 graduate wanting an affordable BCA course which has great faculty and placements or fresh BCA graduate , looking forward to an MCA or an MBA course which provides good placements then Brainware University, Kolkata can be a good option. Operating from a 9 acre campus, in Barasat, Brainware University provides 16 courses bachelors and masters courses in engineering, Computer Science, Managerial, Humanities and Pharmaceutical Studies.


This includes BCA, MCA as well as MBA courses. Our BCA highlights include international certification from Microsoft, Oracle and Red Hat. Brainware believes in making students placement ready from day one. So besides training students in core courses through state of art labs, illustrious faculty hailing from the IIT, IIMs Jadavpur etc, we also strive to make our graduates highly employable through an extensive pre placement training which polishes the soft skills and communication abilities of our graduates.


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