Why Choose BCA ? A Brief Overview :

BCA or Bachelors in Computer Application is a great option for those who want to work in the IT industry in a core role, yet cannot or does not want to pursue a BTech for some reason can go the BCA route. Let us look at just a few reasons at why BCA as a course simply rocks !


It Does Not Require Science at +2 Level : Unlike the Btech which requires Science PCM, BCA does not require science in +2/12th level. So even if you are a Commerce graduate and dreaming to study about IT and other engineering related subjects, you can take up BCA after +12.


Less Workload : Unlike engineering or BTech, BSc mostly comprises of core technology subjects. You need not become overburdened with several electives Physics, Chemistry  etc.


Shorter Span : BCA unlike BTech is only for 3 years. So you can quickly complete the course and enter the workforce early on.


Same Knowledge as Btech : BCA consists of many similar syllabus to BTech in Computer Science like many programming languages like C++ , Java, PHP, Artificial Intelligence etc. There are also many theory subjects like computer networks, database etc which will strengthen your core knowledge.


Easier Coursework : Unlike BTech BCA involves less amount of mathematics and more theory. So if you like theoretical learning this will be the course for you.


Lucrative Job Opportunities : BCA basically provides you the same job opportunities like Btech Computer Engineering/Sciences. You can avail of job opportunities like IT Analyst, Software Test/Developer, App developer, etc.


If you are searching for a high quality BCA program in West Bengal then you can opt for the BCA course offered by Brainware University . Unique features of this course include lucrative certifications from Microsoft, Red Hat and Oracle, hands on training in database administration, Java SE 7 etc and there’s exhaustive pre placement training where graduates are trained in several essential soft skills so that they can crack placement interviews with ease.


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