Parking-Made Easy: For a Better Tomorrow by Sandip Roy Department of CSE/IT/MCA

With the cost drop of sensors, reach of mobile devices and accessibility to the internet made almost everything around us from streetlight to seaport connected. Leading professionals at progressive companies agglomerates their views and come up with belief that Internet of Things, sensors connected in vast network enables machines to communicate each other, will be the hotcake research topic for upcoming decade. Traffic congestion caused by vehicle is a frightening issue and car parking is one of the major contributor to it. Thus parking is one of the major area where Internet of Things have major considerations. The major discrepancies in current parking system like price mismatch of street and garage parking and city streets clogged with bargain – made seeking drivers coiling for coveted free and metered parking place. Driving around in search of free parking plot is quiet an irritating and frustrating job for many people in cities around the world. Every day one million barrels of world’s oil burns due to searching a suitable vacant parking spot. It’s remain ponderous issue for busy hours or on weekends to spent more time for managing vehicles in large public places. To address this issue thousand brains seek for solutions day by day and try to build up some automated parking management system, which not only enable automated parking management but also solve billing issues of the customers.

parking made easySmart parking system involves real time processing of obtained information related to free parking space around a geographical region in order to place vehicle in vacant parking plot. Blend of low-cost sensor usage, real time data accumulation, pre knowledge analytic reports and mobile phone enabled automated tariff generating system facilitates residents and visitors to reserve parking or accurately predict in advance where the chances is higher nearby. It also helps in optimizing parking space usage and elucidates parking experience and add values to parking stakeholders. It enables in reducing CO2 emission and other pollutants during round about in search of parking spot. Thus smart parking is a tool for parking workforce management.

Already different companies are working on smart parking with their innovative mind and sight. Some have used robotics to automate the total parking system. Some have cater idea to use embedded sensors or wires to implement the smart system. IBM have contributed platforms like IBM Bluemix and PubNub to develop this kind of application to handle leveraged data focusing on the application logic without worrying about communication workflow mechanism.

Smart parking can integrate all aspect of parking management together to bundle up in an integrated system. From street level sensing to mobile application, analytics and system management software could be wrapped up in a single unit.  It just not only resolves a real life problem and relief vehicle owners from parking frustration but also give a rise to the revenue of the city too. True understanding and managing city’s parking makes a pavement towards smart city.

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