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Benefits of Cisco Certification :


Relevant certification can increase your chances of getting a job exponentially. In the case of Hardware & Networking a CISCO certification can work wonders in getting you the hardware & networking job you want. If you are a student who’s currently studying Hardware & Networking then a CISCO certification can indeed work wonders in making you a competitive candidate in most hardware & networking and IT related jobs right after graduation.


A beginner level CISCO certification – the CCNA certification which stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate is a one of a kind beginner level certificate which can make you job ready for the majority of entry level jobs in hardware and networking. In order to get this certification you have to pass an exam the CCNA 640-801 exam ( covering an Introduction to CISCO Networking Technologies  & Interconnecting CISCO Networking Devices).


The beginner level CISCO certification or CCNA generally includes lessons on Routing, Switching, Security, Collaboration, service Provider, Data Center & Wireless.


Below we are mentioning some of the key benefits of learning CISCO as a beginner.


Greater Efficiency & Versatility : The CISCO certification confers a great level of efficiency on the learners. The CISCO certified professionals have a great grasp over many  hardware and networking roles and functions such as installing, configuring, and operating LAN, WAN and dial access services for networks fewer than 100 nodes, using IP, IGRP, Serial  Frame Relay, Access Net and Ethernet Protocols, ensuring network performance and security, can handle anything related to beginner level troubleshooting. So as an engineer your capability of solving real life business problems increases greatly. The professional career of an engineer relies mostly on his/her capability in solving day to day problems and as this makes you more efficient you will be eligible for great many jobs.


More Competitive : A CCNA will definitely make you more competitive than your graduate peers who do not hold certifications. It will add to your credentials and be a testament to your technical skills. The CCNA certification will make you eligible for most of the ISP India firms and most IT/ITES companies. Many renowned firms such as Tata Communications and Vodafone India provide a lot of opportunities for freshers as Jr Executive. Most MNCs maintain a huge networking system and need to protect it from hackers so the demand for CCNA certified hardware and networking engineers is not going anywhere.


Brand : CISCO is the largest supplier of network devices in the world so CISCO certifications will always make you more employable.


Lucrative Job Opportunities : CISCO has great job opportunities . To begin with, you are eligible to work at CISCO after your training and also numerous companies in various roles such as network administrator, network security analyst, IT  support executive , infrastructure project manager, WAN admin and many more.


Greater Increase of Promotion : Having an invaluable certification from CISCO will in all effect make you a more competitive candidate. This will in turn boost opportunities for promotions, to change jobs for better opportunities etc.


Higher Pay Package ; The starting salary of a CISCO certified graduate can be a s high as 6 lakhs per annum ( not at all a bad for someone with no experience. So you be having more earning potential than your non certified peers.


At Brainware, we believe in making our graduates as job ready and competitive as possible. So most of our engineering courses offers several lucrative international certifications to our graduates as well, so that they become eligible for most jobs in their fields right after graduation. Our Bsc course in Hardware & Networking offers many certifications which includes CISCO certification. Apart from such lucrative certifications we also offer exhaustive pre placement training by in house soft skills experts who train our graduates in essential soft skills so that they crack campus placements with ease.


Benefits of having a CISCO Certification


The IT ( Information Technology) is one of the most competitive sector in our country. According to IBEF ( Indian Brand Equity Foundation) the IT sector employs about 10 million people every year.

So as you can see, the competition is fierce indeed- additionally engineering, specifically CS ( Computer Science ) is one of the most widely pursued courses in India- so if you have dreams of having a prosperous career in the IT sector, you have to do all you can in order to stand out from the crowd.


One of the ways you can acquire an edge over your peers is to acquire relevant job experience, and/or acquiring certifications. Having IT certifications like CISCO, Redhat, Oracle in your kitty is always desirable, as these certifications are a testament of your potential, and dedication. Today we will discuss the perks of having a CISCO certification.


The CISCO certification or the CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate ) is a beginner level certification that is widely respected in the IT industry. If you are serious having a stable, well paying job in the networking domain then a CISCO certification can open multiple doors for you. We will share just a few perks of having a CISCO certification


Increased Employment Opportunities : Most employers are super keen on hiring CISCO certified professionals – not just because the certificate is very prestigious – employers get huge discounts on CISCO products if they hire CISCO professionals. Any company which uses CISCO devices will be eager to hire you.


Access to High Paying Jobs : Acquiring a CISCO certification can be a gateway to higher paying jobs. This is because having this certification basically means that you have proven knowledge about the fundamentals of networking. like installing, configuring and operating WAN, LAN, IP usage etc. You will be able to differentiate yourself among your peers


Promotion : A CISCO certification, will indeed pave the way for you to climb the IT ladder. It will fast track your career like never before. This is because CCNA certification is a difficult one and is not one which can be cracked by many. Having such a valued certification will set you a class apart from your peers.


So there you go – the benefits of having a CCAP certification are undeniable. If you are keen on having this lucrative certification in your kitty, then you must sign up, BSc or an MSc course in Hardware & Networking, provided by Brainware Engineering college. Aside from exposing you to an industry driven course tailor made for IT enthusiasts this will also include international certifications like CCNA.