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How To Make A Break in Mech Designing Career :


If you are an engineer, with a hidden creative/artist inside you, then specializing in the design field of mechanical engineering can be a great choice! Below we share a few tips on how to secure a career in designing segment of mech engineering !


Develope Basics in Design Software : From your second year of BTech, acquaint yourself with design softwares like CAD ( Computer Aided Design), HVAC design software ( a software used to design indoor software) etc. If possible try to specialize in at least 2 softwares, as firms usually wants specializations.


C for Competitions : Participating in relevant competitions is a great way to boost your resume,  great way of exercising the knowledge you have acquired practically. So if possible do participate in engineering designing contests such as National Design Contest hosted by CADDCentre, Akruti design contests by Dassault systems etc…


Hone ‘’Safety Designing’’ Skills :  The basic purpose of a mechanical designer is to design machines which can be strong, efficient and resilient. So pay special attention on first year relevant modules such as strength of materials which will introduce you to concepts of stress, strains etc. Try to learn concepts of stress through bending to heart. In your 3rd year you will be introduced to machine designing and when you come across factors of safety unit, this prior knowledge will help you.  Learn concepts like designing for fatigue load, designing common machines like crane hooks, springs, bearings etc sincerely.