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Studying of compact stars and Gravastars by Jayita Dan Department of Physics

The search for the exact solutions to describe static isotropic and anisotropicstellar configurations has been an interesting subject to the theoretical physicists for a long time. It was Tolman (1) who had developed a method for static spherically symmetric distribution of fluid by using the Einstein’s field equations. The study of general relativistic compact objects is of prime importance for Astrophysics. There are very few exact interior solutions for both isotropic and anisotropic stars which satisfy the required general physical conditions inside the star. So, the study of the interior of the general relativistic stars by finding exact solutions to the field equations is still an attractive field of research.


The striking idea of the white dwarf by Chandresekhar (2) the study of general

Relativistic compact objects received a tremendous upsurge to carry out research in the field of ultra- dense objects. White dwarfs are made of one of the densest forms of matter known, surpassed only by other compact stars such as neutron stars, quark stars/ strange stars, gravastars etc.


The term Gravastar was initially coined by Mazur and Mottola (3) in order to describe an alternative to black hole which could exist in a spacetime. Gravastars are formed by hard shell of small thickness, inside the shell there is the dark matter causes the –ve pressure inside and the outside region is the Schwarzschild vacuum with p=0. By the conjecture of Gravastar model the problem with the black hole singularity can be solved.


In the research scheme, we are interested to construct various models of compact stars and Gravastar and shall try to explain the physical characteristics under the requirement of general relativity of Einstein.