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How To Crack TCS Aptitude Test


If you are an engineering graduate, chances are that you are vying for a job at TCS ( Tata Consultancy Services) TCS one of the most renowned management consulting firm, associated with Tata group is an obvious ‘’dream company’’. However cracking the aptitude test is not a child’s play. As is the case for competitive jobs you need to have secured an aggregate of 65%  minimum throughout 10th, 12th and graduation .


Assuming that you have achieved the minimum eligibility criteria, you have to clear the aptitude tests and personal interview before starting as a trainee/probationary period. Below we share a few points on how to clear the aptitude tests :


Study the test pattern : Before embarking on any test – be it semester exams or placement tests, like TCS, studying the pattern of the test is always advisable. It helps in predicting what type of questions you are likely to get asked – and such knowledge will always act as a booster.  The TCS exam duration is 90 minutes . The question paper is divided into 4 section with individual cutoffs. The first is writing/English aptitude,where you have to type an email, following the clues given in a 70 word sentence . The 2nd is Quantitative aptitude These questions will include topics like Numbers System, Ration Proportion, Equation, Profit & Loss, Mensuration, Ages, Permutation and Combination  etc The 3rd section tests your programming and coding proficiency.


TCS has its own syllabus , which you have to cover if you are planning on cracking the technical aptitude test. Download the syllabus from –


Interview Round : After clearing the aptitude tests, comes the interview round. Make sure that you have a sound knowledge about the core subjects of your major/discipline. If you have  a domain or specialization, make sure to read up about the latest developments in that field as much as possible. If possible try to be as good as possible with at least one programming language such as C,  DMS or Java,  as knowledge of programming is always an asset for an engineer.


Preparation : For technical section and HR interview, make sure you be up to date with the syllabus of your Bachelor’s, especially the core subjects. For clearing the quantitative section – going through 12th level maths books such as the ones produced by NCERT will be enough. You can also refer to CAT ( Common Admission Test) preparation books such as Arun Sharma and RS Aggarwal’s books.


All the best!