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Issue - XIV

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August - 2018

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To welcome the students in their new journey of college life, Brainware Group of Institutions organised an Orientation and Induction Programme 2018 on 7th August 2017 the schedule continued for the next 21 days till 25th August 2018 days. On 8th of August 2018, the first session of the programme was arranged on 'Introduction to Various Topics on Science and Technology' for all the five departments of engineering. The event was attended by the aspiring engineers of the first year who were addressed by the senior professors of the Engineering College, Prof. Nimai Chandra Das, Prof. Joydeb Hazra and Prof. Shyamal Kumar Bhattacharya. They delivered speeches on the course curriculum and the current trends in science and technology to motivate the young minds. Their words of inspiration and wisdom are sure to enlighten all the spectators present there.

The 3 week Induction programme focused on the wholestic development of the new students and hence included Physical Activity, Creative Arts,Universal Human Values,Literary,Proficiency Modules,Lectures by Eminent People and Familiarization to Dept./Branch & Innovations along with the academic part .The Induction Program no doubt made the newly joined students feel comfortable, helped them towards exploring their academic interests and activities,minimized competition and motivated them to work for excellence, promoting bonds within them, building relations between teachers and students, giveing a broader view of life, and enventually building of character.


The Guest Speakers' Words of Wisdom

To greet the new batch of the engineering courses a special series of lectures were organised on the current trends in scientific technology and future prospects for the aspiring engineers, straight from the horse's mouth. For this purpose, Mr. Subhashis Majumder, a faculty of Marketing Management in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Institute of Management and Communication, and Mr. Amit Nag from Excelo Industries were invited to grace the chair of the Guest Speaker. They enlightened the students on the present industry scenario in relation to the academia. It was a highly enriching session for the participants.

Universal Human Values

To cast the students in their right mould and implant in them correct moral standards, a special lecture on 'Universal Human Values' by Professor Dilip Debnath, Dean of Engineering, was organised. He focused on the importance of a holistic approach to life and, in turn, maintaining a harmonious relations with fellow human beings. His inspiring words helped not only the students but all the participants present there to have an ennobling vision of life.

Yoga Session in the Induction Programme

On 11th of August, 2018 Brainware Group of Institution organised a Yoga session as a part of the Induction Programme. The event was attended by the students of the first year and presided over by Tarun Mullick and Sourendranath Saha. They emphasised on the importance of health care and exercises in maintaining overall well-being. Through demonstrations and words of wisdom, they conducted a session which benefitted one and all.

'Tree Plantation'

Brainware Group of Institutions has always played an active role in performing social services for the upliftment of the society at large. With the objective of making the environment greener and spreading mass awareness of the necessity of preserving trees, BGI organised an NSS Campaign on Tree Plantation. The participants of the events included students of the engineering college of several departments. The session began with the sowing of seeds and the planting of saplings in the barasat campus of the institution under the care and guidance of the faculty members. The campaign indeed benefitted one and all!

Industry Academia Meet!

With the aim of producing quality graduates trained in the latest of scientific technologies, the CSE Department of Brainware Group of Institutions organised an Industry-Academia Meet in collaboration with Nature Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Institution of Engineers (IEI), India. This event was held on 21st August, 2018. The Engineering College recognised the inviolable role of both the academia and the industry in the technological development of a nation. This seminar provided a platform to the eminent professionals from the corporate world to share their experience and knowledge with not only the students but also the faculty members. The Industry Meet program both enlightened the participants on the placement scenario and provided them with an opportunity to be employable.

Highlight of the month

BGI Placement Meet

Brainware Group of Institutions organised an extended 'Placement Orientation Programme' over a period of three days for all the 2019 pass out batches. It was attended by the students of the various departments, the HODs, the members of the placement department and the Principal of the Engineering College. Conducted by Ms. Anandita Das, the session began with a presentation by the Training and Placement Manager, Mr. Biswajit Roy on how to prepare oneself for the transformation from the campus to the corporate world. It was followed by the speech of the Training and Placement Officer, Mr. Mrinal Mohan Bhattacharya, enlightening the students on the registration process and the placement procedures. Thereafter, Mr. Anirban Roy informed the budding professionals about the present industry scenario. With the address of the several teachers and the Principal, the session came to a successful close. The event helped all the students to achieve a deep understanding of their career prospects; it indeed benefitted them all!

Students Corner

Kerala Flood Relief Campaign

Brainware Group of Institutions has always emphasised on instilling among its students a spirit of fraternity and moral human values. The disastrous natural calamity that befell on Kerala as a result of ceaseless torrential downpour for a prolonged period of time caused enormous damage not only to life but property as well. Such a situation called for an immediate support from other states and fellow human beings. The students of our engineering college, exhibiting a sense of altruism and humanitarian concern, organised a Fund Collection Campaign and played an active role in assisting the victims both in cash and in kind. The amount collected was deposited to the Kerala Relief Fund for those unfortunate sufferers so that they could recuperate soon. It was a humble effort on the part of our students to stand beside the casualty. We hope their endeavours bring a little drop of happiness in their sea of sorrow.

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