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Issue - XI

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March - 2018

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One of the most memorable days in the rich archive of Brainware Group of Institutions is when, on 10th of March, 2018, the Minister-in-Charge of Technical Education, Training & Skill Development, West Bengal, Sri Purnendu Basu ennobled our college campus with his gracious presence. The purpose of his visit was to inaugurate ‘Prakriti’, Organic Research and Farming. To add flavour to this auspicious occasion, BGI, on the same day, had organized the Intercollege Technical Event, Technitiate 2K18. The Guest of Honour witnessed the innovative exhibition presented by the participants and encouraged the aspiring students with his inspiring words. It was an occasion that gave an opportunity to the students of other colleges to participate in different category of events and uphold their technical skills. The competition included presentation of innovative ideas, scientific models and participation in various computer games like Counter Strike and NFS, by the contestants. It was a marvellous event with the aspiring engineers showcasing their indomitable spirit and ingenious perceptions. The memory of this day will remain indelibly etched in the hearts of the students and with golden letters in the history of Brainware.


Workshop on IoT & Cyber Security

Brainware Group of Institutions organised a one-day workshop on 20th of March, 2018 on ‘Internet of Things & Cyber Security’ in collaboration with Kernel Sphere Technologies Pvt. Ltd. It was organized by the Open Source Club of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, BGI. The students of the 3rd and 4th year participated in the event which was further enriched by the gracious presence of the Principal. It was an engaging session where the students were informed about IoT & Cyber Security on a vast scale.

Inter-College Tournaments

The Inter-College Tournaments of Brainware Apex ICT 2K18 included events like cricket, football, volleyball and carrom. The students of Brainware Group of Institutions and Brainware University along with participants from other colleges such as Adamas University, Techno India and IIHM, contested in a sportive struggle with bat-and-ball to ultimately lay their hands on the trophy. While in the ball games the contestants exhibited impressive vigour and skill, in the board game too they showed sufficient accuracy and perfection. It was a sensational period when the participating players exhibited great zeal and enthusiasm, showcasing their talents and skill beyond the curriculum.

Excellence Awards

Award Ceremony is always the final catch and the much-awaited segment of a competition where prizes are conferred on the winners in recognition of their achievements. At the culmination of the events, the victors in the respective tournaments were honoured with medals and certificates of merit. Moreover, excellence awards were also bestowed upon the students for their academic proficiency. It not only inspires the participants to develop a positive sportsman spirit but also encourages all to strive for higher aspirations. On behalf of Brainware Group of Institutions, we congratulate all the champions for their efforts that finally bore fruitful results.

Food, Music and Knowledge: Intra-College Competition

The Cultural Fest of Brainware Group of Institutions, Anandadhara 2K18 featured events which were not only entertaining but also appetizing. One such contest was the Cooking Competition where the participants showed great zeal and enthusiasm in brewing the most sumptuous of dishes. Besides, the Antakshari was the most captivating of all events where the contestants blended skill and strategy with sweetness and mellifluity. Moreover, the Quiz Competition was no less fascinating. The competitors displayed admirable merit that kept the attention of the audience enthralled.

Highlight of the month

The Unforgettable Melody

Weeks of preparation, days of rehearsals and the final moments of mirth and excitement of the Brainware Annual Fest ultimately concluded with the last event on 11th March. However, the central appeal of Anandadhara 2K18 was the music band performance on the evening of 12th March, 2018. The music ensemble, Aritra and the Soul Project was invited to etch a niche of its own in the hearts of the audience with their performance. While the spectators flocked in the venue, attired in multi-hued raiments, a brief spell of shower added to the brewing entertainment that awaited them. Thereafter, the singers and the instrumentalists of the orchestra unleashed the spirit of festivity and celebration with their musical extravaganza. Be it a soft heart-touching melody or a hardcore performance, the artistes excelled in all, allowing the viewers to revel in boisterous merry-making. With a vivacious exuberance, the event came to a close. When Aritra and the Soul Project left the premises, there is no doubt that they had won the hearts of many. It was indeed an evening to treasure!

Students Corner

Bidding Farewell

The saddest part of every academic year is the farewell ceremony of the students who had endeared us for years. Amidst the festive cheer of the annual fest, there was a melancholy strain of saying the final ‘goodbye’ to all the 4th year students of Brainware Group of Institutions. Though the students leave the college, having completed their respective courses, they shall always bear a part of Brainware in their hearts. We have, therefore, tried in the humblest of manners to make the farewell a very special and memorable one with a few songs from the juniors and words of inspiration from the faculty members. As they cross the threshold of student life and enter into the professional world, BGI wished all the students a good fortune for a promising future.

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