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Issue - XV

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September - 2018

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A time to renew old bonds and build new ones, BGI Freshers enables this fostering of an endearing relationship with the new entrants of the family. As always, a fun fiesta was organised by the seniors of the institution to welcome the newcomers of the Engineering College on the 10th of September, 2018. It was a cultural programme arranged by the students of all the Engineering and Management departments to fill the day with joy and merriment for the juniors. Inaugurated by the Principal of Brainware Group of Institutions, Dr. Subhasish Banerjee, the function included several commendable performances like music recitals, dancing, drama and such other activities. Attired in bright clothes, the first years had a memorable time cheering the performers and interacting with their seniors, establishing a close bond with them.


Prayas – A Noble Initiative

To harness the creative talents of the young minds and allow them to project their innovative ideas, Brainware Group of Institutions came up with the opening of the Wall Magazine, Prayas. It was inaugurated on 5th of September, 2018 by the Executive Director, Dr. Shyamal Kumar Chatterjee and the Principal, Dr. Subhasish Banerjee in the presence of the senior professors, teachers, students and staff members. The theme for this month was 'Freedom' on which the participants submitted poems, articles, paintings and photographs, expressing their take on the topic. Among all the pieces, only the best ones were showcased, exhibiting the varied aspects of freedom, liberty and independence.

'Vishwakarma Puja' at BGI

On 17th of September 2018, Brainware Group of Institutions observed 'Vishwakarma Puja' at its Barasat campus. To show devotion and love to the Divine Architect and Carpenter, Vishwakarma whose blessings upon the science of mechanics and weaponry is undeniable, the Engineering College organised the occasion with all energy and gusto. The participation of the students in the event appended an additional colour to the festival. The staff and the students together had indeed a memorable time.

Teachers' Day Celebration 2018

The role of a teacher in the life of a student is always very influential as an ideal teacher motivates, guides and inculcates in his pupils not only the light of knowledge and wisdom but also a sense of love and affection for one and all. To express the love and respect for their teachers and to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the students of various departments of Brtainware Group of Institutions organised a function which included several cultural activities like dancing, singing, elocution and drama. The teachers were indeed deeply touched by this humble gesture of their students.

Highlight of the month

Data Analytics using 'SAS'

With an objective to provide quality education and a deep insight into the subject, Brainware Group of Institutions often organises workshops and seminars. In this regard, a five-day workshop was arranged by the Department of Computer Science & Engineering from 25th to 29th of September, 2018 on 'Date Analytics using SAS' in collaboration with Techtree Technologies. Data Analytics is the discovery, interpretation and communication of meaningful patterns in data particularly in the areas of recorded information, applied statistics and computer programming. This workshop is focused on training students in analytics technologies using the SAS data science tool and solve real world problems through modelling techniques. This workshop gave the participants practical knowledge and is instrumental in preparing them for their jobs before entering the professional world.

Students Corner

Intercollege Drawing Competition

To observe the Teachers' Day in a unique manner, the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department of Brainware Group of Institutions organised an Intercollege Drawing Competition on 5th September, 2018. The contest was based on the theme 'You are also a Teacher'. The imagination, creativity and talent of the artists found their best expression in the form of pencil sketches, exhibiting their thoughts, both incredible and prodigious. Mr. Subhojyoti Roychowdhury of Brainware University was invited to judge the drawings and declare the names of the winners . It was a tough time for him to decide the first three positions as all the 39 participants posed a formidable challenge. The champions who ultimately duelled to the top were Himangshu Das, securing the first prize, Anurag Chourasia, grabbing the second place and Ritesh Kumar Koley, occupying the third spot. In the words of the judge, the “winners are immensely talented.” The event gave a platform to all the participants not only to express their creative energy through the art form but also to pay their humble tribute to all teachers in general and to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in particular. With the efforts of the teaching and non-teaching staff members, the event was a successful one.

On the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, Brainware Group of Institutions wishes every one happiness , prosperity and success in life. Let the festive spirit embrace all on this special occasion.

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