How To Code Like A Ninja


Are you finding yourself doing rather slow on the coding front? Are you depressed on your coding speed? Then read on…
H For Hardware : Believe it or not inherent coding skills is not the only factor in determining your coding speed. Choosing an appropriate hardware is very necessary if you are seeking to upgrade your coding speed. Check if you have a good, functional computer with all parts intact and efficient. You can ensure – if your computer has a multi monitor, and HD Monitors. Quality hardware is important – as it will enable you to have a good overview over things like debugger, UI, browser, stack overflow, spotify etc.

T for Tools : Working with sub par tools can seriously hurt your coding skills. Get a good Integrated Development Environment as soon as possible. Other good tools you can consider are – ATOM, Visual Studio Code, Psycharm etc.

Go back to Basics : You might want to admit that your CS basics has been getting a bit rusty. In that case time to hit the books and clear up your basics – data structures, algorithms, design patterns, maths etc.

Think like an Architect : Don’t just think in abstracts . Try to apply them to solve real world business problems!

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